The entire production cycle, carried out in our factory in Italy, is constantly monitored at every stage.

The metrology room, with the state-of-the-art control equipment and qualified technicians, guarantee extremely accurate quality checks on the machined components, with the consequent total guarantee of quality and reliability of the final product that is 100% tested before being sent to the customer.

Our business and manufacturing processes comply with the strict standards and specifications of EN 9100:2018 (specific certification for the aerospace sector), in addition to those forISO 9001:2015.

The EN 9100 (equivalent to AS 9100D) is a standard that describes a quality assurance system for the AEROSPACE industry.

The EN 9100 certification has become a globally recognized passport for all suppliers of the Aerospace industry. Being certified EN 9100 allows the company to be included in the worldwide database of aerospace industry suppliers OASIS (On Line Aerospace Suppliers Information Systems).

Furthermore, the implementation of this standard in its organization guarantees to be recognized worldwide as a partner in the aerospace sector and to develop a quality system oriented towards continuous improvement of processes, products, services and performances.


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