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First party technical cookies

These are cookies that allow the user to browse the website and use the services offered correctly, such as, for example, the identification of the browsing session, access to their user panel, correct management the procedures for creating an order and paying for purchases in the shop, if any. They are also used to keep track of the cookie preferences that have been chosen by the user.

These cookies are set by the server of this site and are necessary for the proper functioning of the site in compliance with the legal provisions in force. Therefore they must not be disabled.

Third-party statistical and audience measurement cookies

These are the cookies that make it possible to monitor and analyze the behavior of users of this site. Through these cookies it is possible to monitor users' navigation on the site for statistical purposes and to possibly make improvements based on data analysis. These cookies only provide anonymous and/or aggregate information about how visitors navigate the site and do not allow the behavior and/or activities of individual users to be traced.

Marketing cookies - profiling for advertising and third-party remarketing purposes

This site contains external third-party services that may in turn install cookies for the proper functioning of the services they are providing. Links are provided here to access the pages of the various external providers where it is explained how cookies are used and how to enable/disable them. These cookies (third-party advertising services) are used in order to show personalized advertisements and content based on the user's browsing history.

Remarketing Google Ads

Remarketing ads, also known as retargeting ads, allow you to reach users who have already visited your site but have not completed a conversion, that is, an action that can be buying a product, filling out a contact form, downloading a file, and so on. The simplest way to describe this type of ad is to imagine them as a way to invite customers who are already standing still in front of our storefront, unsure whether or not to buy from our store, to buy. Through simple tracking code, remarketing entices previous users to return to your site by showing them your ads as they browse websites on the Display Network or search Google for terms related to your business. With retargeting, your brand and products stay in the foreground at all times.


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